Food Service

Commercial Kitchen

We have a comercial kitchen run by Chef Lu.  Chef Lu is Le Cordon Bleu trained and brings years of experience cooking in 5 star restaurants. Cooking in establishments from Chef Mavros’ in Hawaii to Trump Towers in Las Vegas.

We Do All the Cooking

You get to choose your meal from our menu, and then we do all the work. Chef Lu will provide up to 3 meals a day during your stay. 

Meals are typically served buffet style.

We also offer your choice of 3 juices, coffee, hot or iced tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and ice water.

Food Prices

Prices for meals vary depending on which meal and menu  item is chosen. Guests typically pay $33 per day, for 3 meals. 

Groups can provide their own food for some meals, but do not have access to the kitchen. Cooking on grills or over the campfire are not  allowed.

Chef Lu's Menu

Menu's are subject to changes based on time of year, food avaliability and cost.